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8 Benefits of gymnastics 

Here at Flying Dutchman Gymnastics, we understand the importance of a comprehensive, integrated physical activity for all children. Here are 8 focal points of our program at FDG explained. 


1. Physical Fitness

At Flying Dutchman, we promote overall physical fitness by enhancing strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Even for other sports! It helps develop strong muscles and improves balance, posture, and core strength. 


2. Motor Skills

through various gymnastics warm ups and exercises, our students develop essential motor skills such as running, jumping, rolling, flipping, safely falling, skipping, and more! These skills significantly contribute to their overall physical development. 


3. Focus

Here at Flying Dutchman, we teach children concentration, focus, and goal setting. They learn to follow detailed instructions, how to visualize movement, and the importance of practice and effort which aid in the development of self-discipline and concentration skills. 


4. Confidence and Self Esteem

As children progress in our program and achieve new skills and strength, they gain a sense of accomplishment. leading to increased self-confidence and improved self-esteem. This confidence carries over into other areas of their lives outside the gym. At Flying Dutchman, we believe confidence is important to develop early and often! 


5. Body Awareness:

Our classes enhance body awareness, teaching children how to control and coordinate their body effectively. Students become more conscious of their movements, spatial orientation, and body positions. This gives children with gymnastics backgrounds a competitive edge in other sports. 


6. Social Skills

Socialization and team building is important at Flying Dutchman Gymnastics. Participating in gymnastics provides children with opportunities to interact with peers and develop social skills. They learn teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship while working together in class, playing games, and learning new skills together. 


7. Goal Setting & Perseverance

Flying Dutchman Gymnastics encourages children to set goals and work persistently to achieve them. No one is born doing perfect cartwheels! Children learn the value of patience, determination, and practice which are essential life skills. 


8.  Cognitive Development

At FDG, we emphasize the importance of involving memory, body shapes, movement sequences, and solving puzzles. These activities stimulate cognitive development, problem solving, and spatial reasoning. 


Remember, each child is unique. Not every child will compete in gymnastics, but every child can experience the benefits of gymnastics here at FDG.

Give your child the competitive edge for life with Flying Dutchman Gymnastics! 

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