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Birthday Parties  

Ready to party with the Flying Dutchman? Us too! 

Lets flip, cartwheel, and play as we celebrate your family's special occasion with our professional staff of certified artistic gymnastics coaches. 

2-Hour Birthday Package includes:

1 hour of lively gymnastics games & fun

30 mins of free time

30 minutes of food and cake time to end

 $300 for 2 hours for 10 children 

$350 for 2 hours for 20 children


Ready to party with us?

Click on the link above to schedule your birthday party

through Fairfax Parks & Recreation 

Looking for a fun after school job?
Do you enjoy working with kids?
Don't wanna work at Target? 

Team FDG is hiring!!

applications open for:
Coaching positions
Front desk
Birthday party/events helper

Join the fun at our brand new location at Northgate Mall. 

Great pay, excellent referrals for college applications

Ready to join? 
email us at

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