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Summer Classes start July 8th!
Tues (4pm 6-9yo)
Weds (5pm 9-12yo)

Enroll through your parent portal system below

Looking for Gymnastics? 
Wanna know how it works?

Check out the deets below!

Make your free parent portal account and sign your waiver, enroll for classes and camps, check out open gym schedules, and book birthday parties. Easy, right? 


How it Works 

Here at Flying Dutchman Gymnastics, we understand the importance of a comprehensive, integrated physical activity for all children. Here is what you need to know to enroll your child. 


1. Make a Parent Portal Account 

It's free, add all your children, and you only have to do it once.

Just give your name to our front desk at drop off and sign in. 


2. Check It Out

Your parent portal account is your key to Team FDG.

With it, you can see all of our available programming up to date.

You can read about class curriculum, level expectations, holiday/summer camps, birthday parties, and more!  


3. Enroll Today: No Sessions! Yay! 

Our online portal system allows you to enroll online quickly and easily.

No arbitrary session dates to worry about with Team FDG! Just one monthly fee. 

All open classes, camps, and birthday parties are easy to see and enroll on your parent portal account. 


4. Always Pro-rated, Unlike the other guys....

With Team FDG, we want everyone to get their money's worth.

Many gyms only pro-rate your first month.

But at Team FDG, we pro-rate every closure and school vacation. 

We value our families and we want everyone to feel supported at FDG.   


5. Unenroll anytime, anywhere 

Our easy online portal system allows you to choose unenroll easily.

Got dance practice? No problem. Swimming lessons start in June? We understand!

Just head to your parent portal and request a drop 30 days prior to your chosen final class. 

6. Recreational > Competitive 

At Flying Dutchman Gymnastics, we believe that your greatest competition is yourself.

While competitive gymnastics has lots of value, recreational gymnastics provides more flexibility and accessibility with less commitment and ALL the same fun! With Team FDG, we believe that every child should experience a positive team atmosphere....not just the competitive athletes. 

Not every child will compete in gymnastics, but every child can experience the benefits of gymnastics here at FDG.

6. Repurposing Northgate Mall for the Community

Flying Dutchman Gymnastics is dedicated to repurposing Northgate Mall to serve our Terra Linda and Marin community. As a locally owned small business, we believe shopping centers like Northgate can provide value and support to local families through quality programming and activities. 

Make malls serve families again. 


Ready to Enroll? Just click the button and see the difference in your child today! 

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