Is there a waiver online that I must read & sign prior to my child's participation? 

Why, YES! There is! We do require that a legal parent or guardian sign a waiver prior to participation for all class and camp participants.

Can't be there to sign?

Simply download, read, and sign the document below and sent it in via email.   

What should my child wear in class?


Shorts and T-shirt or a leotard or stretchpants, clothing that allows for splits and bridges (for example no tight jeans!)


No jewelry! Earrings may get lost or ripped out of the ears when getting caught on a mat or bars. 


Hair should be tied back at all times. 


What are important things we need to know about classes?


1} Drop-off for camp occurs at 10am the front of the Fairfax Pavilion. Please enter through Bank street parking lot entrance to prevent traffic. DO NOT PARK in front of the Pavilion, please. 

2) Please have a mask on when we take temps on the stairs. We suggest double checking your child's temp before gymnastics. 

3) Be ready! Make sure your child visits the restroom prior to class and arrives with their water bottle, lunch, and sunscreen. 

4) At this time, only students and staff are permitted inside the Pavilion. Please wait outside for your child at pickup at 2pm.


5) Masks must be worn at all times inside. Outdoor play may be mask-less with 6 feet distancing.  

Can I schedule a makeup class for my child? 


Due to COVID regulations, we cannot permit cross pod contact after the first week. We know this can be tough for some, please contact us below with questions.  

My Child has a runny nose/cough but it's not that big of a deal, right? Can my child still go to gymnastics?

No way! We understand that some children experience lingering signs of illness. However, please help us protect ALL of our students and staff from illness.

Students that exhibit ANY cold/flu symptoms will not be permitted on the floor.

In order to protect the safety of our students, anyone who fails to comply with this policy will be asked to leave the gym for violating our health code policy without recourse or refund. 

How much do classes cost? How is tuition charged? 
Camp tuition is $550 per week ($500 cash). Day passes are $110 and will become available in July.  
Please email us with you preferred day for drop in. Please do not just show up as we may limit day pass numbers. 
Are your teachers qualified?

Yes coaches are safety certified and Professional coaches, certified by the USA Gymnastics. We require all coaches to maintain their professional certifications and encourage continuing education. Our coaches are certified in competitive artistic gymnastics, recreational gymnastics, athletic fitness, early child development, nutrition, acrobatic gymnastics, and positive coaching through Positive Coaching Alliance.  


What are your COVID policies? Are my kids safe?


Of course!

FDG has operated at a 0% transmission rate due to our equipment maintenance & 

sterilization procedures.

1) All equipment is sanitized both before and after all pods


2) all staff is vaccinated. Period. 


3) buildings are limited use; only staff and students permitted.


4) mandatory student hand washing, feet washing, and masks must be worn at all times indoors. 


5)Doors and windows open when possible, regular ventilation utilized.

6) Biometrics gathered and recorded for all pod members before and after class. 

Can parents watch?


At this time, only students and staff are permitted inside the Pavilion building. 

Are your classes insured?


Yes but it is a secondary insurance and liability coverage, so you should have your own insurance and not rely on ours!

I have a question or concern. How do I communicate with my child's coach? 


Our staff is more than happy to answer any questions our athletes or parents may have. However, coaches aren't always able to talk between busy classes. Please feel free to email us with any questions or concerns.  

Cancellation Policy

Our sessions run between 6-10 weeks long. This is a big commitment! We make sure that all of our classes maintain small pods. For this reason, we ask that all parents notify our Admin via email at least two weeks prior to your intended cancellation date.

Insurance fees are not refundable. 



Notice of Refused Service

Under federal law, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Failure to comply with our business policies, violation of any USAG compliant bylaws, or failure to illustrate respect, good sportsmanship, or safe behavior is subject to immediate dismissal without refund.   



Tax Information

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