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Open Gym Schedule

Welcome to FDG! We love our Open Gyms; it's a fun, high energy workout for all ages. Check out the info below to find the perfect Open Gym time for your child!

Toddler Open Gyms
Ages: 0 - 4yo
Weds, Fri & Sat 
9:00 am - 11:00am*

perfect for toddlers and siblings! This is an unstructured play time for parents and children together. While our staff sets stations for parents and children to work on, this is a no-pressure environment to run around, play, climb and learn. Parents must stay with child at all time.  This is a great pre-assessment time before enrolling in the 4 yo class. 

All Ages Open Gym 
Ages: 5 - 13yo
11:00 - 1:00pm

great for older students looking for an extra workout during the week, or newcomers who would like to take a peek at the program before enrolling. Come on in and join the party with friends, family or neighbors. No experience required; but this is not a structured class.  Parents may drop off children ages 7 and older. Please be present for pick up before 1pm. Please note, this is not private lesson time. Coaches are available to help, but will not e responsible for teaching new skills. Please sign up for classes for skill acquisition. 

$25/child cash, $30/ child card 

*Schedule subject to change 


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