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**First day of class 2024: February 5th**

Tuesdays or Thursday @ 5:15 - 6:45pm
Now the real fun begins!

In intermediate classes more difficult elements and skills are taught specific to their events. Strength is a requirement in this class! Students should be able to perform chin ups, pushups, and handstand variations.

Skills to learn:

 front and back handsprings

roundoff back handsprings

pullovers, casts, and supports

At this level it is advised to sign up for additional classes per week to develop more strength and flexibility to be able to perform the more advanced skills. 

 ***Please Note***

This is an advanced class. If your child is new, please send us an email prior to enrollment to ensure safety and proper technique in class. 

Beginner 2 

Ages 6 - 9yo

1 Hr

Mon thru Thurs @ 4pm

Perfect for older beginners who are ready for a challenge. Students will build on Beginner 1 curriculum. Class begins with a fun, obstacle warm up. Students will learn body shapes, stretching, bridges, handstand variations and learn drills for more advanced skills like cartwheels, roundoffs, tumbling and more!


Beginner 1

Ages 4-5

50 minutes

Weds @ 3pm, Fri @ 4pm

An after school gymnastics program for ages 4-5yo.

Boys and girls will be together in this class.

Our developmental program will prepare children for the world of artistic gymnastics. 

Skills to work on: following instructions, waiting your turn, and trying circuits and learning how to focus. Forward rolls, front supports on bars, and safe landing mechanics. 

Please note:

New participants may need additional support from guardians. You may be asked to help your child in class.

**We highly recommend attending our Toddler Open Gym to assess learning readiness before enrolling**


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